Shipman 59 Hybrid Solar Carbon Yacht, 4th generation Shipman

After building the world's largest carbon sailboat fleet, which has sailed hundreds of thousands of miles in the past decade, Shipman Carbon Yachts has accumulated immense know-how in carbon-epoxy build technology, hydrodynamics and ease of handling.

The research in the hydrodynamics area and sail-handling technology allowed us to create a new Shipman which delivers new levels of comfort, safety, performance and ease of handling - specially in short-handed situations.

Coupled to a hybrid drive with a Lithium battery, this sailboat marks a new era in sailing.


Shipman 63, 72, 80, 3rd generation Shipman

Following the wake of the 50, these three next coming models have proven Shipman as a key player on the carbon sailboat market. With 45 boats built to date, Shipman is the largest maker of production carbon sailboats in the world today.


Shipman 50, the second generation Shipman

After two years of development and after an over 1 Million Euro investment, the Shipman 50 was the first boat of the new Carbon Yachts generation. She was conceived in a joint effort by the owner of Shipman, Joergen Bonde, and Jernej and Japec Jakopin of the J&J Design team to create a new offshore cruising boat.

The Shipman 50 was based on the three main ingredients of every Shipman Carbon Yacht:

  • Carbon-epoxy prepreg technology
  • The pilothouse concept
  • Short-handed sailing

J&J Design was chosen to design the Shipman 50 and Seaway, the world’s leading boat development company, based in Slovenia, was made responsible for engineering, tooling and building of the Shipman 50.

In 2002, Seaway acquired the rights to the Shipman name decided to develop a range of new Shipman yachts based on carbon-epoxy technology.

In the early stages of development on the design and technology side, the team was reinforced by Pom and Saskia Green of Green Marine, Giovanni Belgrano of SP Systems and Doug Peterson of America's Cup fame. Seaway’s unique 3D design and engineering resources, 5-axes milling capacity and high-temperature carbon technology expertise, along with unmatched international production boatbuilding experience were critical in developing and building a boat as innovative as the Shipman 50. She was launched in June 2003 and sailed faster, was stronger, much easier to handle and offered more sailing fun than any cruising boat before.

Results were above expectations for all team members: the Shipman 50 set new standards in design, technology and boatbuilding methods. She was elected the overall winner of the European Boat Of The Year 2003 contest by 11 votes coming from 11 participating countries in January 2004.


Shipman 8m One Design

The early nineties saw the evolution of the Shipman line: in 1993 the 8m was launched to J&J/Doug Peterson design. Featuring a carbon rudder and keel wing and boasting a full-sandwich construction, the 8m OD was recognized as a one-design class in many countries (in UK known as Sigma 8m OD, an RORC-recognized class). This small and fast little cruiser-racer is still winning in 14 countries around Europe.


Shipman BALLAD

A 30-footer, designed in 1985 by Rolf Magnusson of Sweden, continued its success in one of the most important one-design classes in Scandinavia.


Norlin’s Shipman STRATUS

won the 3/4 Ton Worlds in 1979 and was later built in association with Albin Marin in Sweden.


Shipman ACCENT

won the 1/4 Ton world championship, also to Peter Norlin design.


Shipman 34, 37 and 41-footer

Peter Norlin designs following in the wake of the Shipman 30.


Shipman SCAMPI

The next boat in the Shipman range was based on the three times world champion the IOR Half Ton Cup (1969,1970,1971). This Peter Norlin designed 30 footer was one of the most successful cruiser-racers of all times and hundreds were sold to Scandinavian and international markets.


Shipman 28

was introduced to the market in 1968. Designed by Olle Enderlein of Sweden, she was a modern classic with traditional lines, but fast and seakindly. A keel trim tab was among the novelties of the Shipman 28 improving the performance and enjoyment at the helm for discerning sailors. The Shipman 28 was built in Sweden (Visby) and later also in Cork (Ireland). The good-looking, well balanced and seaworthy little yacht found broad popularity and achieved sales of over 1,300.