It is up to human imagination and perspiration to build your boat; industrial design and engineering do not originate in a computer or its software. With all the modern technology, computers, software, machines and robots, it is still the talent, skills and knowledge of a passionate designer that create a new product.

And this is what J&J design is strongest at: a team of 200 international engineers, designers and boatbuilders that is constantly striving for perfection, resulting in many international design awards.

In the past 23 years, J&J Design has served 40 production boatbuilders from 20 countries. It has created over 190 projects giving life to more than 41,000 sailboat and powerboats and yachts. Their projects have received 26 Boat of the Year awards in England, the EU, France, Germany, and USA.

Who are these people?

There are currently 200 employees at Seaway:

  • 40 engineers
  • 120 boatbuilders
  • 30 accountants
  • 10 miscellaneous