Shipman 100

She will exceed your expectation in every program, be it during an ocean-crossing, a leisurely cruise in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, or a regatta (where she measures in just at RORC maximum). She can be sailed with a crew of 2 or 3, and if you prefer, just with a couple of friends. The Shipman 100 is arguably the only boat of her size that can offer such ease of handling. She has been made possible by high-temperature carbon-epoxy pre-preg technology, titanium fittings, high-modulus fibres, PBO rigging - and the best design and engineering.

Shipman 100 is set to raise the bar in the new, fast emerging 100-foot class. No expense was spared to develop an innovative yacht that beats any existing ocean cruiser of this size at all points: extensive tank testing, America’s cup resources, experts in technology along with one of the world’s strongest design and engineering teams based on a 5-year experience is what makes the new Shipman 100.