Features & Benefits


Cockpit separation

Guests have a first row seat to the sailing action while sitting in perfect comfort and safety.


Easy Access Saloon Steps

Gently inclined and well sized, the saloon steps offer safety even in rougher conditions.


Swept Back Spreaders

Angled back at 20 degrees, they eliminate the need for running backstays and keep the mast solid even without backstay pressure.


Staysail Stay

Rubberized PBO or kevlar with a ratchet that allows the stay to be moved to the shrouds when not needed, allowing free tacking with the jib.


Carbon Cleat Protection

Lightweight, durable and removable, they will keep your paint looking as new and protect it from dirty mooring lines being pulled aboard.


LED Navigation Lights

Completely enclosed unit offering good visibility and quality with low energy consumption and maintenance.


Integrated Spray Dodger

Invisible when stored, it is easily set up by a single person in minutes, giving good front and side protection in harsh upwind conditions.


Sail Locker

Double access through master toilet and deck hatch allows access in rough seas. Also serves as a watertight bulkhead.


Under Deck Rope Guides

Safe, functional and good looking, mast and boom ropes are conveniently hidden under deck and exit just before the cockpit jammers and winches. Inspection hatches allow easy check and maintenance of ropes and organisers.