Features & Benefits


Hybrid / Solar

With a 14 kW hybrid drive and a 7 Kw generator on the shaft, coupled to 1.4 kW solar panels this boat will be able to cruise in total silence and without any emissions. The solar panels will recharge the Lithium battery fully in 2 days, enabling a range of up to 20 Nm. The solar panels are also extending the anchor times, allowing the refrigeration, lights and entertainment to be running for days at a time.



With a revolutionary system devised specially for Shipman yachts, the Shipman 59 will be the first in the range to profit from this technology, allowing it to stay afloat even with a penetrated hull.


Pilot salon with a 360 degree vista

The standard Shipman feature; whether standing or sitting in the salon, the guests have a 360 degree vista. Visibility from behind the nav station is excellent, giving an excellent overview of the outside.


Protected cockpit steering station

A specially designed and developed cockpit steering station, offering a perfectly secluded space. Equipped with a chart plotter, autopilot controls, winch controls, integrated iPad control system and engine throttle commands, this is where you will want to steer your boat from.


Forward deck lounge area

A third lounging option next to the salon and cockpit and a new feature for all Shipmans to come, the forward deck lounge area is a new way to socialize on the boat. Guests will fight to have a seat in this lovely shaded area in front of the mast equipped with drink holders, tilting backrests and Bimini shading.