Features & Benefits


Balanced Hull Lines

Light forces on the rudder in upwind conditions will keep the helmsman fresh longer while keeping the boat faster.

PBO Rigging

Four times lighter than rod, this is the best option to choose with your High Modulus mast for loosing some weight up top and thus adding stability.


Carbon Rig

Lightweight and extremely strong, it is as pleasing to the eye as it makes for an even better stability.


A special v-shaped boom that not only makes for stunning looks but gives volume for your folded main sail.


Twin Rudders With JP3 Bearings

Unparalleled directional stability allows the use of autopilot even in stronger winds. As the hull is well balanced, there are no forces on the rudder and therefore no broaching tendency. Sailing upwind will prove to be gentle on the helmsman and easy on the batteries.

Twin Carbon Wheels

Being light, the rotational mass is low, making the required turning force small. Autopilots will struggle less and work longer before you need to fire up the generator.

Harken Carbon Winches

Button operated hydraulic winches from Harken will make easy work of sailing manoeuvres of all kinds halyards, jib, gennaker, spinnaker and drifter sheets, plus mainsheet are located just in front of the winches. The 3-speed feature delivers impressive speeds and trimming precision at the same time.


Volkswagen Marine Engines

Reliable and lightweight engines with good fuel economy, meeting latest European Emission Standards.


Aquadrive System

A homokinetic joint between the propeller shaft and the gearbox which eliminates vibrations, making the ride quieter and putting less stress on the gearbox and engine mounts. This way your engine, gearbox and shafts will be able to withstand the test of time, helping you to hold a high resale value.

Technical Tunnel

Behind the engine is the tech tunnel, offering space for the generator. Side panels provide ample space for service or inspection.


Retractable Bow Thruster

Maxpower bowthruster delivers performance - wether you use it or not! A powerful bowthruster helps with manoeuvres in the harbour and is hidden in the hull when not in use to reduce drag.


Lifting Keel

Hydraulically operated and fully automated, the keel has 1500 mm of travel, producing a draft between 2,5 and 4 metres. While delivering excellent sailing performance, the keel will still allow you to explore many shallower bays where smaller boats normally prevail.

Simrad/B&G Instruments

Top of the line marine instruments easy to use, tough and reliable.

Retractable Bowsprit

With the help of a pop-up deck winch or mast base winches, it is possible to fly big gennakers or code 0's from the bowsprit without strain.