Comfort & Performance

The thrill of a one-off racer at the unbeatable price-to-performance ratio of a production boat, retaining all of the comfort aboard expected on a luxury yacht.

The secret of these racers' speed potential lies in a new technology developed around two materials: CARBON fibres and EPOXY resin. When resin systems are combined with reinforcing fibres such as carbon, exceptional properties can be obtained. The resin matrix spreads the load applied to the composite between each of the individual fibres and also protects the fibres from damage caused by abrasion and impact.

True performance is necessarily tied to a prepreg material with epoxy resin and high modulus fibres. This is the main price-influencing factor (together with the carbon rig) but the only way to lower displacement, bringing easy handling and truly high performance.

Until now, these materials and technology have only been available to those with a one-off budget. Shipman has made a series of important developments in the design and building process to enable the production of a high-tech, high-performance yacht at moderate cost. All Shipman carbon yachts incorporate these new techniques to redefine cruising performance without compromising safety or durability.

Short-handed ease of use

Michel Desjoyeaux, a discreet navigator

Despite being one of the world's most successful and award-winning navigators, Michel Desjoyeaux has remained a very simple man. When he is not busy riding the waves, he takes care of his racing boats in Brittany.

Easy handling made possible by a balanced hull together with intelligent cockpit layout and trimming solutions, which guarantee complete control over your yacht in all conditions.

  • Michel Desjoyeaux, winner of Vendee Globe 2000-2001, has helped greatly with developing the rig and deck systems, bringing single-handed sailing to its full potential
  • fully battened mainsails are tamed by way of single-line reefing systems and optional furling boom systems
  • big drifters or Code 0's are furled from the cockpit via Harken 3-speed hydraulic winches
  • strategically placed instruments, controls and switches let you keep an eye on the elements while giving you full control of the yacht, making a light job of even the toughest tasks. Anchor releasing finally becomes a one man job.


With the help of roof windows, the saloon side windows allow for incredible visibility and light, creating a special ambience in the saloon.

Shipman Carbon Yacht pilothouse yachts offer an unprecedented panoramic view whether standing, sitting behind the saloon table, or checking your position at the navigation desk:

  • the salon roof windows, together with the panoramic side windows, offer a great view while making the saloon very light
  • with all windows shaded, the intimacy of meals is assured
  • the navigation table is positioned to give an overview of all instruments, sails as well as the horizon; optional nav station throttle control available