In recent years, advances in technology have led to dramatic improvements in performance. Offshore multihulls, Open 60s and Volvo racers have smashed all records and set the standards of ocean-going speed to new and incredible levels.

The secret of these racers' speed potential lies in a new technology developed around two materials: CARBON fibres and EPOXY resin. When resin systems are combined with reinforcing fibres such as carbon, exceptional properties can be obtained. The resin matrix spreads the load applied to the composite between each of the individual fibres and also protects the fibres from damage caused by abrasion and impact.

These modern materials give a stronger and stiffer boat and are the key factor in the dramatic increase in performance of today’s racing boats. The use of these exotic materials is the main price-influencing factor (together with the carbon rig) but the only way to lower displacement, bringing easy handling and high performance.

For this reason, these materials have, until now, only been available to those with a one-off budget. But now, Shipman has made a series of important developments in the design and building process to enable the production of a high-tech, high-performance yacht at moderate cost. All Shipman carbon yachts incorporate these new techniques to redefine cruising performance without compromising safety or durability.